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WSP has been developing and implementing efficient internal logistics for laundry facilities since 1993. Thanks to our innovative approach and genuine interest, we have become a valuable partner for laundries all over the world.

News Laundry Dashboard showcases latest developments on new website Read article

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New website Laundry Dashboard

Laundry Dashboard, a cooperative alliance between the Dutch company WSP Systems and Belgium's Christeyns, is this week launching a new website at The launch has been prompted by the complete overhaul of this ‘performance management’ software for commercial laundries. Experience accumulated over the past eight years has been applied to thoroughly review and revise Laundry Dashboard, incorporating state-of-the-art techniques. The user-friendliness of the dashboards and the reports is one area on which the developers have focused their attention. Laundry Dashboard 2.0 also benefits from the latest findings in the fields of safety, maintenance and sustainability, and the system is now much faster. Read more

Big Data revolution!

A while ago WSP was asked to give their opinion about the data revolution, Big Data and how laundries can benefit by using Big Data. It led to a three pages article in the august-edition of the leading German technical journal RWTextilservice. Read more

“The problem has already been solved before the customer is troubled by it”

Each software system has bugs that the customer can be troubled by. That even applies for WSP's performance management tool Laundry Dashboard. However, our software engineers consider it as very important that they are able to proactive monitor the customers production environment continuously, even outside office hours. This allows them to take immediate actions as soon as a problem arises. In this way we ensure a maximum uptime for your installations. Read more

WSP's systems handle over 4 million kg of laundry per day worldwide

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