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WSP has been developing and implementing efficient internal logistics for laundry facilities since 1993. Thanks to our innovative approach and genuine interest, we have become a valuable partner for laundries all over the world.

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First laundry completely controlled by WinWash 2.0

Good news! After much development, testing, discussion and a beta version, we have fully equipped a laundry with WinWash 2.0. With the delivery of the bag rail systems, the soiled laundry sort and the expedition system to our customer Kellner's new laundry, the role of WinWash 2.0 as a logistics system is fulfilling its potential. Read more

Every square centimetre counts in fabulous challenge

‘You guys take such a professional approach’ is something we are used to hearing from our customers. But to have this followed by ‘I am extremely happy with the way you have worked over these past weeks’ is a huge compliment. We recently received this compliment from Herr Popp, operations manager at Textilpflege Mayer, a laundry in Germany. Read more

Laundry Dashboard customers help devise new functionalities

At WSP we are keen to listen to our customers. It was with good reason that we named our jubilee event #Up2U; in other words, it's up to you! This is certainly true where the development of our software is concerned, technology like Laundry Dashboard. We have valuable conversations with our customers on a regular basis, discussing their wishes and how these might translate into new functionality in Laundry Dashboard. Before we make any changes, however, we need to know whether other customers share these wishes. In 2019 we are earmarking 1850 hours of development time for new Laundry Dashboard functionalities, so naturally we want to devote these hours to functionalities that offer our customers added value. To help ensure this, we decided to survey our Laundry Dashboard customers. Read more

WSP's systems handle over 4 million kg of laundry per day worldwide

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