WSP Care home Concept

In many laundry facilities, processing person-specific laundry presents some interesting challenges. Now, with its Care Home Concept, WSP is ushering in change.

Up to 25% saving on staff costs

As automatic sorting takes place during both soiled sorting and clean sorting, and items are sorted by laundry process, the efficiency of the laundry process as a whole is raised, and savings of up to 25% on staff costs become possible.

Up to 75% reduction in complaints

As all laundry is processed automatically and is traceable with WSP's WinWash software, no more laundry items are lost and the location of every item in the laundry process is known at all times. This means satisfied customers.

Perfect execution by WSP as system integrator

Owing to the unique role of WSP Systems as a system integrator, this system can be implemented in almost any laundry facility.WSP has extensive experience of integrating systems in both new and existing laundries; for every situation WSP has a solution available. Whatever machines there are, and whatever systems are running.

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