At WSP we develop our products continuously in order to help our customers address these challenges. Drawing on our experience and the trends we are seeing in the market, we take up these challenges, providing appropriate solutions in the form of our knowledge, software and systems. A process that in turns enriches the experience we have to bring to the development of our products.

You can always hire our services. Whether it is a matter of designing a complete new laundry or giving well-substantiated advice. You can always be sure of honest and independent advice. Let’s share our ideas!

The best result

When we design new laundry facilities and optimise existing ones, we draw on our knowledge of best practices worldwide. Naturally, we take account of the customer’s wishes in terms of capacity, productivity, ROI, energy consumption, logistics flow, quantity of customers, types of linen, delivery frequency, and more. With our design in hand, the customer can request quotes from a range of suppliers. What happens when you place an engineering order with WSP? You can count on the project being executed with maximum efficiency. We will, for example, communicate with other involved parties. By applying this approach, together we can achieve the best result for you.

Engaged and innovative: Laundry Innovators


Our specialists are keen to apply their many years of knowledge and experience in the laundry sector to your advantage. Whether it is about designing a completely new laundry or providing thoroughly researched recommendations. You can always be sure of honest and independent advice.


The WSP specialists have more than 25 years of experience in the laundry sector. We would like to use our knowledge to advise you and help you with your plans.


Our consultants are specialists in the internal and external logistics of your laundry: knowledge, systems and software. In all market areas. In this way they can advise you about the different facets of your laundry.

Trends in the market according to WSP

  • Big Data and IoT are expanding what is possible
  • A growing shortage of qualified staff
  • More stringent wishes/requirements being set by the customer; the need to deliver high-quality custom work for a low price
  • Increasing competition
  • Increase in scale

The challenges faced by laundries

  • Staffing accounts for a large proportion of the laundry’s costs. But it isn’t easy to
    attract good staff, to motivate and retain them.
  • Rates charged are low: the profit really must be earned on the cost-price side.
    Having customers and routes ready simultaneously – i.e. processing in the optimum
    order – is becoming increasingly important. Achieving this requires the best possible
    planning of machine and staff use.
  • The internal logistics must be smooth and efficient in order to maximise the
    reduction in cost price. In addition, many laundries are struggling with out-of-date
    technology, which is hampering their efforts to use Big Data and IoT to exploit

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