Laundry Dashboard customers help devise new functionalities

At WSP we are keen to listen to our customers. It was with good reason that we named our jubilee event #Up2U; in other words, it’s up to you! This is certainly true where the development of our software is concerned, technology like Laundry Dashboard. We have valuable conversations with our customers on a regular basis, discussing their wishes and how these might translate into new functionality in Laundry Dashboard. Before we make any changes, however, we need to know whether other customers share these wishes. In 2019 we are earmarking 1850 hours of development time for new Laundry Dashboard functionalities, so naturally we want to devote these hours to functionalities that offer our customers added value. To help ensure this, we decided to survey our Laundry Dashboard customers.

Based on our discussions with our customers and our experiences during implementations, we defined eight themes. Next, we wanted to know our customers’ thoughts on these themes. In the survey we asked our customers which of the themes was the most important to them. Customers were also able to suggest themes to us. Afterwards, we ranked the themes in their order of importance.

The response rate was very high: no less than a healthy 50% of customers responded and completed the survey. The most important finding was that the management of the presence and absence of employees (in addition to the existing clocking-off hours) was considered very important, followed closely by the wish for the underlying data to be made more accessible.

In 2019 we will issue no fewer than five new releases for Laundry Dashboard. In June the new functionalities arising from the survey are due to be developed. Thus, customers who have a Laundry Dashboard 2.0 system will have a new update installed five times this year.

Perhaps you do not yet have Laundry Dashboard. Why not read the interview with one of our customers? It may spark your enthusiasm!

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