Do you need advice about a bottleneck in your laundry? Are you about to make a large investment and would like to hear from specialist whether you are making the right choice? Would you like to know how your laundry is performing compared to the competition? Or where your laundry’s bottlenecks or problems lie that are costing you turnover and profit? These are all questions that our consultants can answer.

Our consultants are specialists in internal logistics, systems, services and software. In all subareas of the market (for example, hospitals, hospitality and catering, work clothing, person-specific laundry or mats). Which means they have a wealth of experience on which to draw when advising you about the various facets of your laundry operation, and can offer useful, practical advice. In just one day or over several days or, say, regularly over a longer period. Together with you, they will produce a plan that will genuinely help you. Honest and independent. And afterwards they will be at your service from implementation to long after completion.

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