Laundry Dashboard

Improve your laundry’s performance with Laundry Dashboard. This online management tool gives you real-time insight into your laundry’s performance at all times. Finally, you can see where your money is making a healthy return – or conversely where it is leaking away. Check for more information

Laundry Dashboard has been designed by specialists in the laundry sector. They realised that even with a state-of-the-art laundry, it is still difficult to ascertain which parts of the laundry operation are making a profit, and which not. Which customers are profitable, and which customers are costing you money. Which employees are responsible for which aspects of performance. No tool existed that could present this information in an easy-to-understand way. With the development of Laundry Dashboard, all that has changed.

You will begin with Laundry Dashboard Start, the starter version  of this tool. This enables you to measure the performance of your employees. All they need to do is check in with a chip card at the relevant machine. After that, all data is stored. Moreover, large overview screens enable your employees to track their own performance – and that of their colleagues. The outcomes are evident in transparent reports that you can request at any time. On your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You will be notified automatically of any deviation from the norms you yourself have set. This gives you an unrelenting grip on your laundry’s costs, performance and results.

Within six months, Laundry Dashboard can be operational in your laundry and you can set to work optimising your laundry operation. After the implementation our consultants remain on hand to offer further advice and to guide you as you choose your system’s settings.

As soon as Laundry Dashboard Start is fully operational, together with your consultant you can, if you wish, step up to Pro or Premium. This enables you to benefit more fully from all the advantages Laundry Dashboard offers.

User-friendly system

Laundry Dashboard is a user-friendly system, providing rapid insight into the various aspects of your laundry's performances. The dashboards are easily adjusted to suit the user and the reporting is clear and comprehensive.

Insight in your laundry operation

At last, the chance to see visuals clarifying what is happening in your laundry. Where are you making money and where is it leaking away? What should you be investing in and what would you do well to divest?

Good guidance

Our consultants guide and supervise you throughout the system implementation and afterwards. If you have questions or need instruction, they are on hand to help, enabling you to use the system to the fullest.

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