Laundry Dashboard

Real-time insight into your laundry's performance is the key to success. Laundry Dashboard makes this possible. Thanks to intelligent readings taken in the laundry, it becomes easy to make savings. At which work stations are your employees performing best? Are machines performing in line with specifications? How can energy consumption be brought under control? Which customers are profitable, and which not? Laundry Dashboard answers your questions with the aid of real-time information presented on comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboards and in detailed reporting.

Laundry Dashboard: real-time insight into your laundry’s performance. An innovative system for not only monitoring but also improving your laundry’s performance. By enabling your employees to see how they are performing, Laundry Dashboard inspires them to work more smartly and improves performance. And because we chart the performance of machines and consumption, you can see, for example, whether a machine needs replacing, or where consumption is out of step with the forecasting. All of this is presented in a very userfriendly manner, with dashboards you can design yourself and reporting that is available to view at any time and from anywhere. This software tool makes all the difference!

Download our Laundry Dashboard infosheet for more information.

User-friendly system

Laundry Dashboard is a user-friendly system, providing rapid insight into the various aspects of your laundry's performances. The dashboards are easily adjusted to suit the user and the reporting is clear and comprehensive.

Insight in your laundry operation

At last, the chance to see visuals clarifying what is happening in your laundry. Where are you making money and where is it leaking away? What should you be investing in and what would you do well to divest?

Good guidance

Our consultants guide and supervise you throughout the system implementation and afterwards. If you have questions or need instruction, they are on hand to help, enabling you to use the system to the fullest.


Laundry Dashboard provides insight into the following critical points in the laundry:

  • Employee performance
  • Machine performance
  • Energy consumption
  • Time registration
  • Cost-price and profitability
  • Benchmarking

Why Laundry Dashboard?

  • Real-time insight: the key to success
  • Fits any laundry: we operate independently of any machinery manufacturers
  • Suits every wish: we keep pace with your wishes
  • Optimum guidance: not only during, but also after implementation
  • Rapid implementation: operational in just 12 weeks


  • Realtime insight in the performance of individual employees

  • Realtime insight in productive and non-productive hours

  • Automatic sending of alerts and reports by e-mail and text messages

  • Benchmarking

  • Features of Start
  • Realtime insight in machine performance

  • Realtime insight in machine availability

  • Realtime insight in energy consumption

  • Features of Pro
  • Insight in profitability on customer level

  • Insight in profitability on product level

  • Insight in cost-price on customer and product level

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