With WinWash you have a single operator system for the entire production process. Simple, extremely efficient and checkable. This intelligent software solution connects the logistics of the soiled and clean laundry sections to produce a single production line. This gives you full control of the entire process throughout the laundry operation, from laundry arrival right through to expedition. A single system for your entire laundry operation: from logistics control, process control for Continuous Batch Washers and dryers, manual control and reporting to instructing your production employees. WSP is the name in systems integration, and this product is evidence of that. WinWash automates the entire production flow based on available machine capacity, the processing speed of employees, customer demand and/or route planning.

Would you like to know what WinWash can do your laundry operation? Take a look at our WinWashconcept and get in touch with us. We would be happy to develop some ideas with you!

Automatic production flow

WinWash is your laundry facility's automated production manager. This creates a constant supply that perfectly matches the available capacity of the machines and staff.

Constant productivity

WinWash ensures constant supply in the correct order at all times, enabling you to benefit from raised productivity at capital- and work-intensive positions.


Software is useless if you can't work with it. We've seen in practice that employees can easily get started with WinWash, because of the clear and user-friendly software.

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