By implementing WinWash you will have one operator system for the complete internal and external logistics of the laundry. In addition WinWash is used as a platform to integrate systems of third parties.

With WinWash you have a single operator system for the entire production process. Simple, extremely efficient and checkable. This intelligent software solution connects the logistics of the soiled and clean laundry sections to produce a single production line. This gives you full control of the entire process throughout the laundry operation, from laundry arrival right through to expedition. A single system for your entire laundry operation: from logistics control, process control for Continuous Batch Washers and dryers, manual control and reporting to instructing your production employees. WSP is the name in systems integration, and this product is evidence of that. WinWash automates the entire production flow based on available machine capacity, the processing speed of employees, customer demand and/or route planning.

Core functionalities of WinWash (WinWash Laundry) are:

  • Planning
  • Controlling
  • Information
  • Reporting
  • Simulation
  • Integration

The initial concept is based on the LEAN and Just in Time principles: the required production (or orders) are leading in the full supply chain. From the collection of soiled laundry at the customer premises to the delivery of clean linen.

Expansion modules of WinWash (WinWash Cloud) are:

  • Online access to core functionality WinWash Laundry
  • Extensive reporting and analysis
  • Planning module
  • Article registration module
  • Work instructions
  • Drivers app
  • Automatic article identification and registration system (both with RFID and barcode possible)
  • Simulator
  • Maintenance module
  • Customer portal
  • Interfaces to third parties system

Would you like to know what WinWash can do for your laundry operation? We would be happy to develop some ideas with you!

Automatic production flow

WinWash is your laundry facility's automated production manager. This creates a constant supply that perfectly matches the available capacity of the machines and staff.

Constant productivity

WinWash ensures constant supply in the correct order at all times, enabling you to benefit from raised productivity at capital- and work-intensive positions.


Software is useless if you can't work with it. We've seen in practice that employees can easily get started with WinWash, because of the clear and user-friendly software.

Core functionalities


The planning functionality in WinWash provides resource planning on a weekly basis for staff and machines. In addition, there is scope to produce a day and shift planning and current progress is visualised by the software.


With WinWash it’s possible to control internal logistic systems, as bagrail systems and conveyor belts, and the control of machines like wash tunnels and dryers as well. From visualization to reporting, from settings to manual control: all functionalities are available in WinWash.


WinWash has an extensive informative function. Current process information provided by every part of the process is visible. It is an easy matter to check the status of a route or of a customer. Or the performance of the laundry as a whole. With this real-time visualisation, you have a firm grip on the entire process at all times.


All the information provided by WinWash is processed into clear and comprehensive reports. This means that production and machine data is available, always and everywhere. The availability of reports is adjustable for every level in the laundry.


WinWash has a unique simulation function. This valuable function can be used in various ways:

  1.  Planned production: evaluate available capacity on bottlenecks
  2. Realized production: analyses historical production data and performance
  3. Best practice test: determine the most optimal scenario in terms of internal logistics
  4. Expansion: strengthen decisions concerning the expansion of production capacity


The extensive integration functionality provided by WinWash and the linkage
opportunities it creates give you the chance to benefit from creating a single continuous
production line from your entire process, and managing it as such. A wide range of possibilities exists for integrating third-party systems. Think, for example, of machines, peripheral equipment and creating links with various software packages. As a system integrator, this has been part of the core business of WSP for many years.

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