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Sorting systems

Robust and efficient: the hallmarks of WSP's systems. All our sorting systems share a crystal-clear aim: to raise the productivity and flexibility of your production. Enabling you to make maximum use of your laundry's capacity.

Bag rail buffer systems and transport systems

Long economic life and minimal maintenance are qualities you can expect of WSP's bag rail systems. As they are controlled by WinWash, these systems are able to take account of processing speeds, production planning and machine capacity. The net result for you is an intelligent system.

Conveyor belt systems

Transporting laundry efficiently is an essential part of the laundry process. WSP's conveyor belt systems provide this support. Drawing on years of knowledge and experience, our specialists design conveyor belt systems that meet your needs perfectly.

System integration

When it comes to raising the efficiency of your laundry facility, systems have a valuable contribution to make. WSP's specialists like to go a step further; linking systems in a smart way, using RFID or integrating control systems in a single operator system are all ways to boost efficiency that bit more. Our specialists at WSP are keen to share ideas with you!

Expedition handling

Make considerable savings easily by automating the passage of laundry. This way laundry becomes easier and quicker to trace. You reduce the rate of errors and this, in turn, leads to satisfied customers.

Clothing transport and sorting systems

The specialists at WSP deliver turn-key clothing transport and sorting systems. When used with WinWash, the result is a robust system that processes your customers' laundry neatly and efficiently.